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2023 Artwork featured in Meer Magazine coverage of Fountain House Gallery's Fall Exhibition. 

2023 'Asylum Dolls' Artwork featured in ArtBreakOUT's coverage of 'Truth Tellers' Exhibition at The Factory, LIC, NY

2023 Artwork featured in Raw Vision Weekly 5/26/2023 #322 for 'RED' Exhibition at Fountain House Gallery, NYC

2023 Artwork (self-portrait 'I Think I'm Going Crazy') featured in 'Time Out' coverage of Fountain House Gallery's 'YELL' Installation in Herald Square, NYC (celebrating 75th Anniversary of Fountain House)

2023 Fountain House Spotlight: 'Art Was The Only Healing Tool In My Very Silent World'

2022 Artwork featured in Raw Vision Weekly coverage of Fountain House gallery's 'Small Works' Exhibition.

2022 Artist of the Month for October featuring my 'Asylum Dolls Series' in the online gallery of Outside In, the UK's premiere outsider art forum.


2022 Artwork featured in ART BreakOUT's coverage of 'Animal Crossing' Exhibition at Fountain House Gallery. October 2022

2022 Artwork featured on Link NYC for the month of August 2022. There are 400 kiosks around NYC offering free WiFi and charging stations.

2022 Artwork featured in ART BreakOUT coverage for 'Nude As Landscape' Fountain House Gallery, NYC 4/2022

2022 Artwork featured in This Week In New York  2/2022

2022 Artwork featured in ART BreakOUT 2/2022

2022 Artwork, also lead image/postcard for 'Futures' Exhibition Fountain House Gallery featured in Raw Vision Magazine, January 2022.


2021 Featured Artist on NAMI's Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery, NAMI, Hudson NY

2021 Artwork featured in Art BreakOut Blog for 'Small works' Holiday Show 2021 at Fountain House Gallery, NYC

2021 Artwork featured in the online blog Mad In America Art Gallery.

2021 Artwork via ArtLifting is featured in the streaming art exhibit during the intermission of audio drama 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' with The Psych Drama Company. 9/11/2021-9/25/2021

2021 Featured in QNS Article on 'Alone/Together' Exhibition August 2021

2021 Featured in 'ArTonic July/August Issue of Brooklyn Rail' by Professor Amber Jamilla Musser


2021 Featured as speaker in The Brooklyn Rail 'The Creative Mind & Mental Illness' Event ,written by Phong Bui 5/13/2021


2021 Featured Artist with her 'Girl In Restraints' art series in Outsider Art Magazine 3/22/2021


2020 News of Fountain House Gallery's panel discussion, 'Why Art is Essential in the Post-Covid Era', is featured in Raw Vision Magazine's current "Raw News Weekly." The piece also spotlights Susan Spangenberg's artwork on Artsy and her Shyla Idris YouTube Channel. 8/2020


2020 Susan's artwork published in Orenda Arts Journal.

2020 Berkshire Fine Arts Review of 'The White Blacks' play at Theater for The New City. Susan played the role of "Evelyn, under her stage name Shyla Idris.

2019 Featured in Queens Daily Eagle ‘Unnoticed’ artists get their due in LIC Exhibition

2019 Featured Artist in Queens News Article 'ART BreakOUT presents first ever exhibition ‘Unbound: Authentic Visions and Voices’ in Long Island City'.

2019 Featured in Gregor Collins' 'Humans In My Phone' Mini Documentary Series. Listed under 'HOMEBOY'

2019 Fountain House Gallery's 'Heavy Sauce' exhibit mentioned in Raw Vision Magazine.

2019 Artwork featured in Antique & The Arts Weekly for 'Heavy Sauce' Exhibition FHG

2019 Featured in Press Release for 'Heavy Sauce' Exhibition, Fountain House Gallery, NYC

2019 Artwork featured in Mad In America

2019 Artwork featured in The Perspective Project, United Kingdom

2019 Art published in The Fountain Pen

Literary Magazine

2019 'Fountain House Gallery Hosts Long Island City Doubleheader', Fountain House Times

2019 'Knotted, Pieced & Wound' Exhibition from Fountain House Gallery, reviewed in Raw Vision Magazine. 

2019 Artwork on display at Citigroup Building.

NY Times Article, 'A Kingdom In Pieces' Exhibition. Fountain House Gallery in association with The American Folk Art Museum.

2018 Artwork featured in 'The Fountain Pen Literary Magazine'

2018 Featured in Artsy Press Release for 'Shutter Speed' Exhibition

2018 Artwork shown in 'Fountain House Studio Has Sprawling Space For Artistic Growth' in Downtown Express

2018 Artwork shown in Art In America Guide for 'Fountain House Studio Inaugural Show' on view at Fountain House Gallery

2018 Artwork shown in 'One Year Later: Artist's Reflect on the Women's March' New York Magazine

2017 Susan's self-written Bio & Artwork in Palooka Magazine, an international literary magazine. Issue #7 


"There's a darkness, rawness, pain, and oftentimes juxtaposition in your work that I really admire and appreciate" -Jonathan Starke, Founding Editor.

2017 Artwork featured in 'Reimagining The Peaceable Kingdom' Maine Antique Digest

2017 Artwork featured in 'This Organization Helps Artists Who Are Homeless Or Have Disabilities Live Their Dreams' in UPROXX

2017 'Fashion Art At Fountain House' Liz Daly's Culture Digest

2017 Broadway World 'The Coming Of Antichrist' at American Theatre Of Actors, NYC as Shyla Idris

2017 Artwork published in Antiques and The Arts Weekly

2017 'Art Of Fashion' Wall Street International

2017 Artwork featured in Art In America, representing Fountain House Gallery

2017 Artwork published on the cover of The Fountain Pen Literary Magazine

2017 'In These Uncertain Times' article Fountain House Gallery

2017 ArtLifting Artwork featured in Project 375

2017 Artsy Review 'Small Works Exhibition' Fountain House Gallery, NYC

2016 Photography published online at Broken Light Collective

2015-2016 Artwork featured in El Paper Magazine THE LINE ISSUE

2015 South African Recovery Film Festival 

News Links: SA Creatives, health 24,  IOL as Shyla Idris

2015 'Tell Your Own Story' article written by Susan Spangenberg for Beautiful Minds Magazine

2015 Artwork published in The Fountain Pen Literary Magazine

2015 Broadway World  'RUN. HIDE. BE QUIET.' Susan Spangenberg's Solo Play she wrote and performed with Downtown Urban Theater Festival, HERE Arts Center, SoHo NYC (under her actor stage name, Shyla Idris)

2009-2010 Theatre World 2009-2010 Book, as Shyla Idris



Get inside the unfiltered mind of Outsider Artist Susan Spangenberg as she talks about mental health, art and the art of living on...

@shylaidris on YouTube

2021 Interviewed on Expression Quest Podcast, Episode 17

2021 'Making A Splash' Interview & Artwork in Fountain House Times for 'Water' Exbibition Opening Fountain House Gallery Summer 2021


2020 Interviewed by Chelsea Katz for NY 1 Queens Long Island City NY Art Exhibit 'Unbound: Authentic Visions and Voices' at The Local NY, Long Island City, NY 1/2020

2019 Interview with Art Break Out, NYC

2019 Interview with Mental Spaghetti, UK

2018 Interview in City Voices, A Mental Health Peer Journal

2017 Interview on KD Outsider Art 

2016 Interview with the Institute of Mental Health, City Arts Nottingham, United Kingdom

1999 Interview on Bravo TV Show, 'Ooh La La' with Bravo TV's host Mark Williams on being an artist & the main subject of the HBO Feature Documentary, 'The Living Museum'

(Susan later pulled out of the film before it was released as well as the L.A. Times article that followed, moving to the beat of her own drum)

1996 Interviewed at The Living Museum for The Queens Chronicle. 'Living Museum Of Art Is More Than Therapy At Creedmoor'


Artist Talk on artwork (Spiritual Octopus series accompanying portrait) for 'SEEN: Portraits of Fountain House Artists by Photographer Carmel Fromson at the Church of the Heavenly Rest’s Undercroft Gallery' 2023 on 1/24/2023 Online


Check out Susan's first Solo Exhibition 'Escaping Childhood' with Institute of Mental Health, City Arts Nottingham, United Kingdom. Link to Art Link to Susan's Artist Talk  6/10/2021-7/10/2021

2021 Susan will be speaking as artist with Fountain House Gallery on panel discussion in conversation with Issa Ibrahim, Lyle Rexer, Phong Bui, Darren Walker and Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, honoring Agnes Gund. 'The Creative Mind & Mental Illness; a Fountain House Symposium'. Art curated by Patterson Sims. Video Link

2020 Speaking about her artwork related to social justice at IDHA Membership Launch Party Dec.

2020 Watch Recorded Video. Speaking on panel event as a member of Alanon. Online Zoom 10/2020 Moderated by William Cope Moyers. Chasing The News ... Stone Cold Sober Episode 3 REBELS. Writers in Treatment & REEL Recovery film Festival Click here for Promo Video

2020 Speaking about her artwork at Event, 'Let America Be America' Fountain House Gallery Exhibition curated by Karen Gormandy

Fall 2020 Link to Susan's Work

Opening Reception Friday September 25th at 2:30pm EST with President of Fountain House Clubhouse Dr. Ashwin Vasan and Frank Maresca.

2020 Susan will be sharing and speaking about her art at Panel Event, 'Why Art Is Essential in the Post-Covid Era.' Click here for FB Recorded link

2020 Susan discussing her artwork at 'Share Art Event' with Outside In, UK 7/29/2020

2020 The WHITE BLACKS are BACK!! Convo & Clips with Cast  5/2020. This play's first run was from 2/2020-3/2020 at Theater For The New City, NYC. To View Click Here

2020 'Beyond Bedlam': Reimagining Our Mental Health Systems Virtual Panel and discussion with panelists Ashwin Vasan M.D. Director of Fountain House, Issa Ibrahim artist, The Marshall Project, NAMI and unscheduled participation by Susan Spangenberg at end of video, spring boarding from the film 'Bedlam' by Director Ken Rosenberg, M.D.  Access video on Fountain House YouTube Channel  5/2020

2020 Asylum Daze A presentation of Susan's art as it relates to her mental illness. Zoom Event with Fountain House Studio, NYC 5/2020

2020 Art and Social Activism Festival Panel Discussion Zoom Event with Fountain House on mental health and the COVID situation. With Nicholas Cohn, Jason Bowman, Amanda Suarez and Susan's partner, Issa Ibrahim. 4/2020 Watch Recorded Video. Click Here

2020 ART Break OUT Presents 'Unbound: Authentic Visions and Voices' Art Exhibition curated by Bonnie Astor and Lois Stavsky The Local NY, Long Island City NY Jan. 2020-Feb. 2020 (Watch video from Shyla Idris YouTube Channel) News Link.

2019 Speaking about her artwork in relation to her mental illness at 'Madness Creativity, and The Artistic Pursuit' Hosted by The Icarus Project NYC and Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center, Lower East Side, NYC 12/2019

2019 'Artist Talk-TALK BACK Breaking Down: A Discussion on Art And Mental Illness', with Director and Artists of Fountain House Gallery. Organized by Laurie Berenhaus, Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY  5/2019

2017-2018 Susan worked with Center for Urban Community Services as a Speaker & Trainer on the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), training the NYPD on calls dealing with "Emotionally Disturbed Persons." Susan has changed this term of (EDP) to "Every Day Person" 

2018 Artist Talk-'The Role of the Arts in Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness' Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund Event. Speaking about her art and connection to Fountain House Gallery, NYC Roosevelt House, Hunter College, NYC.   

NY Times article

2018 Artist Talk-'Accessibility Workshop for Curators' York College Fine Art Gallery. Speaking about her artwork and assisting Ariel Willmott, Director of Fountain House Gallery in her presentation, Jamaica, NY

2018 Artist Talk -'MIXTAPE' Exhibition, Museum Of Modern Art, Education and Research Building. Opening Reception, representing Fountain House Gallery. MoMA  NYC


2017, 2015 Hosting 'Open Mic Night', Mental Health Project at Urban Justice Center, NYC 

2017 Facilitating 'In These Uncertain Times' Inaugural Workshop at Fountain House Gallery's Studio One space in LIC, NY Photo on Pictastar

(Marking the first workshop in the opening of Studio Space for Gallery)

2015 Q & A at The Reel Recovery Film Festival for Susan's directorial debut, 'RELEASED' (2014) an autobiographical documentary short film. (Featuring the song, 'I Was Trash When You Met Me' lyrics and singing by Susan for her film. Video of song on Shyla Idris Channel YouTube)


SHOP Susan's Art Book 'Inside Outside' at Fountain House Gallery

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