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Career highlights include exhibiting in the 'First European Outsider Art Fair Osterreichische Nationalbibeliothek' Vienna, Austria in 2008 as an artist with The Living Museum, 'NYC Outsider Art Fair' in 2018 via Andrew Edlin Gallery, my first Solo Exhibition 'Escaping Childhood' with Institute of Mental Health, City Arts Nottingham, UK in 2021 and showing with Fountain House Gallery in 'NYC Outsider Arts Fair' in 2022 and 2023.


Fountain House Gallery has six art exhibits a year, curated by well known outside curators. Since I joined Fountain House Gallery in 2015, I have exhibited in almost every single show except a handful. You just can't dance to every song.

Highlight Exhibitions with Fountain House Gallery have included Superfine Art Fair in 2022, The NYC Outsider Arts Fair in 2022 and 2023, Lead Image/Postcard in three group exhibitions: 'Futures' 2022,  'Fountain House Gallery 20th Anniversary Show' 2020, 'The Written Word' 2017 and showing two twelve foot paintings in 'Water' 2021 and 'Heavy Sauce' 2019.

I also participated in three collaborations with other organizations in conjunction with Fountain House Gallery. The first with MoMA Education Building in 'MIXTAPE' Exhibit at MoMA 2018, the second with American Folk Art Museum in 'A Kingdom In Pieces' 2019 Exhibit at Citigroup Building in Long Island City, NY and the third with 'The Columbia WHO Center for Global Mental Health' in 2021. In 2023 my artwork was prominently featured in YELL Installation at Herald Square Plaza, NYC celebrating Fountain House's 75th Anniversary.


I have spoken about my artwork at several group exhibitions, as well as outside panels and events representing the artists at Fountain House Gallery.

Susan's Full Fountain House Gallery Resume on Artsy

Follow Susan Spangenberg on Artsy


(Outside Fountain House Gallery):


'Mushrooms' Fountain House Gallery Show in partnership with Mosaic Clubhouse and their SHARP Gallery, London, UK. My artwork will be included digitally since I have sold original piece. 9/18 – 9/29/2023

'Truth Tellers' at The Factory, L.I.C. Queens NY curated by Karen Gormandy, Issa Ibrahim and Boo Lynn Walsh 6/2023

'The Local Champion' at Local Project Art Space, L.I.C. Queens, NY curated by Carolina Pinafiel and June Kosloff 6/2023

'Fridge Art Fair' at Gallery 128, L.E.S. NYC, curated by Lois Stavsky  & Bonnie Astor 5/2023

‘Humanity’ Exhibition with Outside In. My work is included in the digital slideshow which is displayed on a screen in the National Exhibition space (currently Sotheby's in London, UK) curated by Bob and Roberta Smith 1/2023


'Home: The Spaces We Inhabit' curated by ART BreakOUT Lois Stavsky & Bonnie Astor at The Local, LIC, Queens, NY



'Off the Wall' Exhibition, The Affordable Art Fair   at Culture Lab LIC, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NYC

Short video feature in Episode 5 of Hudson Guild's Talent Jam. Hudson Guild Theater Co. NYC


Solo Exhibition 'Escaping Childhood' with Institute of Mental Health, City Arts Nottingham, United Kingdom. Link to Artwork 6/10/2021- 7/10/2021  Link to Artist Talk

ART BreakOUT presents “Alone Together: A Visual Meditation on our Times.” Exhibition at The Local, LIC, Queens, NY curated by Lois Stavsky & Bonnie Astor.

'Outside Outsider' Exhibition curated by Issa Ibrahim and Karen Gormandy, Local Project Art Space, LIC, NY 5 Link

'Creative People Leading Climate Change' Exhibition. The virtual exhibition runs from 4/16/2021-  6/30/2021on the Augusta Savage Gallery website and will remain as an Archived Exhibition for as long as possible, UMass Amherst. This exhibit and will also be linked via the Arts Extension Service primary and upcoming C4CA (Culture for Climate Action) websites.




In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities presents 'The Journey', a virtual exhibition of artists with disabilities. Susan's Art

Susan's video 'NYC Life' screening in 'Life Interrupted' Mojo Film Festival about mental health and the Covid -19 experience. World Schizophrenia Day Screenings. Mojo is a project of Schizy Inc. and is the only public event for schizophrenia pride in Australia.

ART Break OUT Presents 'Unbound: Authentic Visions and Voices' Art Exhibition curated by Bonnie Astor and Lois Stavsky, The Local NY Long Island City, NY (postcard lead image) News Link

Watch video from Shyla Idris YouTube Channel


The Perspective Project at Rural Enterprise East, Otley College, Suffolk, UK

'Stigma' Exhibition Pop Brixton, London, UK

with The Perspective Project. Curated by Davina Morgan, Tara Rai, Creative Voices Mind and Mark Anscombe   FB Link / London Art News

'The Perfect Image' photography exhibition, The Local Hostel, Long Island City, NY curated by Carolina Penafiel and John Baber

'Goliath', Off The Margins, One Art Space, NYC curated by Jason Branch

'Inside/Outside', Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY curated by Nancy Bruno

'Transgression', Hudson Guild Gallery, Chelsea, NYC curated by Jim Furlong and Rick Krieger

'LOVE/HATE', Local Project Art Space, Long Island City, NY curated by John Baber


'ARTS TO END VIOLENCE' Exhibition Ron Taylor Gallery, Brooklyn NY curated by Edward McWilliams

'ONWARD' Exhibition New York Outsider Arts Fair, Booth P5 (In honor of the one year anniversary of The Women's March) Andrew Edlin Gallery, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC


'Et Tu, Art Brut?' Exhibition, Andrew Edlin Gallery, Gallery 2, Bowery, NYC curated by Jamie Sterns

'Me, My Selfie and I' exhibition, Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC curated by Jim Furlong and Rick Krieger

'BtheChangeWI Auction', with ArtLifting, Madison, Wisconsin

Screening of Art Videos, 'U TAKE IT' and 'Obituary Landscapes 1' in Mojo Mental Health Short Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, curated by Heidi Everett.

Screening of Art Video, 'U TAKE IT'  in 'Survivors Stories, LOONIES FEST', London, United Kingdom, curated by Nat Fonnesu

'Selfies for Survival' A-Space Anarchist Community Center Philadelphia, PA

curated by Eva Wo

ArtLifting at Leesa Dream Gallery, SoHo NYC

'Animalia' exhibition Local Project Art Space, LIC, NY curated by Julian Calderon


ArtLifting at Leesa Dream Gallery, SoHo NYC

'Elements Of Whimsey', ArtLifting Online Exhibition, Boston, MA

'A Journey: Loneliness, Hope and Resilience' exhibition at the Institute of Mental Health, City Arts, Nottingham, United Kingdom

(marking the first time pieces by an artist working outside the UK were selected for inclusion)

'Crossroads' LIC Arts Open Group Exhibition curated by Elisa Montesinos & a live interactive art piece, 'Persona Non Grata' by Susan Spangenberg The Falchi Building, Long Island City, NY

'Artists for Soup' Benefit at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

'Art For Animals', Greenhill Humane Society, Eugene, Oregon

'Small Works for Big Change' Benefit, Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Cooper Gallery at Cooper Union NYC curated by Ethan Lin

Photography published online at Broken Light Collective


'Yourself', exhibition Local Project Art Space, LIC, NY

'Over The Bridge', Local Project Art Space, LIC, NY



'A Moment Out Of Time', Federal Plaza, NYC, curated by Queens Independent Living Center, Jamaica NY

2008-1998 The Living Museum Shows

2008 'First European Outsider Art Fair Osterreichische Nationalbibeliothek' Vienna, Austria

2000 'The Living Museum at The Dabora Gallery', Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

1998 'The Living Museum Open House', Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens Village, NY



I created a Mural/Installation 'Inside Outside' at The Living Museum, Building 75 ground floor black room alcove. I was an inpatient and outpatient from 1995-2001 at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Video


SHOP Susan's Art Book 'Inside Outside' at Fountain House Gallery



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